The Wee Chippy was founded in 2013 by a Scottish native, Joe Gorrie, who was raised in Glasgow and moved to the States in 1985. He has lived in Venice since 2001. In 2009, he began working on the idea of bringing the European style chips to Venice Beach. He thought about the idea of giving them a twist by infusing flavors. He thought why only dip the chips in the sauce to get the flavor? Why not infuse the chips with the flavor of salts? The Wee Chippy was born!



The Wee Chippy has brought back a tradition by its revolution on the classic fish and chips, with our award-winning fresh, hand-cut fries and the highest quality Atlantic Cod. At The Wee Chippy, fries and flavors become one, aromas linger, and taste buds explode! Our standards are high, our product is made with care and we train our staff in expert seasonings and flavorings. We use the freshest local ingredients. All of our paper products are Earth-friendly.  We recycle our cooking oil for bio-fuel. We whole-heartedly believe in “from the Earth, to the Earth” philosophy. We have practically zero food waste. Our potatoes are fried with skins intact; the flavored salts can be stored for long periods of time and all other condiments and flavorings are freshly prepared each day.


The Wee Chippy has not only become a local favorite but also named #1 Venice Beach Food by the L.A. Weekly.


The Wee Chippy is getting ready to expand its footprint. For more information, click on "NEWS".


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